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Barlean’s is Not For Sale

December 3, 2014 – Half Moon Bay, CAPathway to a better life

We are thrilled to announce that today, Barlean’s Organic Oils is not only announcing their partnership with Not For Sale, but has been so moved by our work that they have offered to be matching donors of up to $50,000 towards our goal of $1 million by January 1.

Barlean’s recently announced their new logo and slogan, ‘Pathway to a better life.’ This slogan is emblematic of their work and of their goals, and “it places focus on working with qualified, caring partners to alleviate need and create prosperity in both local and global communities.” We couldn’t be more proud to partner with Barlean’s as they focus their company around the impact they can make in the lives of the world’s most vulnerable, and in the fight to end modern slavery.

In 2012, a member of the Barlean’s team attended our Global Forum and was inspired by what she learned. An innovative movement using knowledge and action to change the world was exactly what Barlean’s had been looking for in a partner.

In 2013, Barlean’s kicked off our partnership by becoming one of our largest corporate sponsors. They have been funding critical work around the world, supporting survivors in Peru, Thailand, Romania and the Netherlands. We’ve been talking about how we can find even more ways to make our partnership a powerhouse for sustainable impact, and we can’t wait to see what happens next. With so much creativity and passion, we are sure great things will come of it.

As we look to 2014, we will be working with Barlean’s to increase the reach of our message to those who are passionate about health. We look forward to sharing with them how they can harness that passion to empower the world’s most vulnerable.  To become a part of the story, donate today and Barlean’s will match your donation. Together, we will work to create a world where everyone can find a path to a better life, and no one is for sale.  

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