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Sold for sex in Romania


Olivia grew up in an orphanage in Romania. This, in itself, is a grave fate. Tens of thousands of children live in notoriously poor conditions in these state-run institutions. At age 11, she moved in with her aunt. While she found a safer environment than the orphanage, she still had very little support with the only family member she knew.

Around the age of 14, Olivia’s fate grew dimmer still. She was lured into a gang of young teenage boys who manipulated her into selling her body for sex. Soon, she was under the control of a pimp who controlled all of her money. She was given a small allowance and was only allowed to buy clothes, perfume, and drugs to maintain her dependence on him. He kept an estimated 20 times what she made. Olivia had become a sex slave.

We are so glad to share that Olivia’s story has a happy ending. The police intervened and took her to Not For Sale Romania. There, she has a family to support her through her recovery. Survivors are thriving every day in our home, receiving an education and stepping into careers to reduce the risk of exploitation in their lives. Olivia is even receiving support in taking legal action against her pimp, a trial process that could take years.

This is just one story. While we’re thrilled to be empowering those safe in our home, young women are being trafficked in Romania every day.

This giving season, help us support one more woman like Olivia. We’re raising $1 million for their freedom; will you join us?

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