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Emory medical students

Emory Medical Students Provide Care to Thai Children

These children lack identification, which makes it nearly impossible for them to enroll in school or receive medical care because no country wants to accept the cost of supporting individuals who they cannot confirm are citizens of their country.

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Exploited because she wanted to go to school

At 16, Marta is eager to go to school and learn, but her village in the Amazon only has an elementary school. A contact of a friend offers to let Marta live with her in Lima, where they have better schools for Marta to attend.

NFS Nights

Not For Sale Nights At National MLB Ballparks This Summer

Over the past 4 years, our Team Not For Sale program has seen incredible momentum.  It has grown to include some of the largest names in Major League Baseball and International Cricket. Each pro athlete has created a pledge donation based on their on-field accomplishments. For example, Adrian Gonzalez of the Los Angeles Dodgers has […]

Sold: Romanian girl, 11 years old

At 11, Cristina was sold by her mother. At 13 she was taken from Romania to Hungary where she was forced to work in prostitution for the next three years. When she was moved to Italy, Cristina was finally rescued by the police and taken to Not For Sale’s rehabilitation program in Romania. At 16 […]


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