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Announcing 2013 Team Not For Sale Roster

This year, more than 30 Major League ballplayers, coming from more than a dozen teams, have joined together in the fight against slavery. Each of these players and their families are using their platform to engage fans and communities in ways that make an impact off the field. San Francisco Giants pitcher, Jeremy Affeldt, helped […]


Protecting Education to Prevent Slavery in the Amazon

A Special Report from Christina Hebets, Senior Director of International Projects, Not For Sale. I am currently in Madre De Dios, Peru, where Not For Sale works with poor and vulnerable communities to help prevent trafficking. The region is a vast expanse of rainforest. Rivers provide the quickest and easiest way for local people to […]
She completed her training!

A letter from our International Director in Amsterdam

Friends, I just got back from one of the local shelters we work with here in Amsterdam.  Most of the women there were rescued from sex trafficking. The circumstances that brought them to the Netherlands, the abuse they have suffered, and the pain with which they speak are unbearable to hear. I spoke with Jane, […]

International Tech Company Volunteers At Shelter in Amsterdam

Juniper Networks is one of the world’s leading networking companies. Like most of us, they are an extremely busy team. In a time of urgent need in Amsterdam, Not For Sale’s dedicated partner donated a full day of their employees’ time to share some new beginnings with survivors of human trafficking.

Romania,Timisoara, City

Europe’s Austerity Leaves Thousands At-Risk To Trafficking

Europe is in a state of austerity. At the close of 2012, four years following the global financial crisis, Europe owed just under $14 trillion, with an average of 85% in gross government debt across the continent.

Julia’s* Story: A Plea for Help

“I come from a small town in Hungary, and many girls left to find work while I was growing up. When I was 17, I fell in love with a guy who made me feel beautiful. He told me that he worked in Amsterdam, and that he could find modeling work for me there. He […]

City of Amsterdam takes new steps towards regulating prostitution in the red-light district

In November of last year, we reported that city officials in the Netherlands’ capital had begun to discuss changes to the laws surrounding legalized prostitution in the red-light district. This month, our Not For Sale Netherlands team has reported progress towards the strengthening of regulations and oversight to ensure the protection of women working behind […]


Urgent Need to Help Women in Amsterdam

Every day, more women are trafficked for sex in Amsterdam—and we can’t keep up with the demand for help. In the red-light district, Not For Sale is running a rehabilitation program that has been identified by survivors and local shelters as the most valuable service for women during their reintegration. With the increasing need, we […]

Drug Addiction Plagues Trafficking Survivors in Cape Town

A Special Report from Not For Sale South Africa By Christina Bacino (Not For Sale South Africa Director) When I first met Sarah in 2011 she had just escaped her traffickers, was desperate to get help, and was addicted to heroine.


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