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USA TODAY: “Tech’s new entrepreneurial approach to philanthropy”

USA Today


Every day, people wake up and go about their daily activities as usual—they take their surroundings at face value and typically don’t think beyond what meets the eye. However, so much happens behind the curtains of our world. Every day, millions of men, women and children fall victim to modern-day slavery and many are trafficked across international borders. In fact, slavery is more prevalent now than ever before. Not one country is immune to it, including the United States. 

At Not For Sale, we recognize what a beast of an issue this is. To go up to bat against the second most profitable criminal industry is quite an undertaking. Over the years, our focus as well as our partners’ has been to dissemble human trafficking rings and restore freedom to victims. We are now beginning to focus on the roots of problem.

USA TODAY technology writer Jon Swartz recently profiled Not For Sale’s unique approach to combating modern-day slavery. Using the mindshare and mindset of our Silicon Valley partners and donors, the article reports on how we create innovative strategies that address the rising tide of exploitation. Swartz regularly covers tech giants such as Apple and Google, and he is also a two-time finalist for the prestigious Loebs—the business reporting equivalent of the Pulitzers.

We are beyond honored. 

Read the article here.


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