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BREAKING NEWS: Violence Against Women Act & Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act Passed

On Thursday, February 28th, 2013, Congress passed an extension of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and sent it to President Obama’s desk to be penned into law. The bill was initially enacted in 1994 in an effort to provide women with protection from domestic abuse and to ensure that the abusers receive just prosecution. […]

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Karina’s Story

Romania, a nation of over 21 million, is the source, transit and destination location for sex and labor trafficking of men, women and children. Traffickers originating from Romania especially target victims within their same ethnic group, or in many cases, even their family members. This was the case for Karina, a survivor rehabilitated at Not For Sale Romania.
REBBL in stores

REBBL Now Available In California Markets

This month, REBBL begins distribution to Whole Foods and other independent natural food retailers in Northern California. Standing for “Roots, Extracts, Berries, Bark, and Leaves,” REBBL is an herbal tonic beverage enterprise launched earlier this year. The product connects labor-enslaved, resource-rich tribes in the Amazon with consumer demand in the U.S. market. REBBL was created […]

Critical Addition to Not For Sale Thailand

This week, Not For Sale is delighted to welcome Kusumal Rachawong as Not For Sale Thailand Coordinator, to manage and oversee the implementation of Not For Sale’s project activities in-country. Kusumal comes as a huge asset to the team, bringing an incredible wealth of experience, built over 30 plus years of experience working for the protection and rights of children in Thailand and across South East Asia.

USA Today

USA TODAY: “Tech’s new entrepreneurial approach to philanthropy”

  Every day, people wake up and go about their daily activities as usual—they take their surroundings at face value and typically don’t think beyond what meets the eye. However, so much happens behind the curtains of our world. Every day, millions of men, women and children fall victim to modern-day slavery and many are […]

Combating Illegal Logging and Exploitation in Peru

For hundreds of years, Amazonian communities have supported themselves through natural resources; growing, gathering and trading produce to feed their families. As Peru’s economy has grown, however, more and more local resources have been harvested for industry. Vegetation that once sustained people’s livelihoods is disappearing at an alarming rate, threatening widespread poverty among those who cannot find an alternative means of support.

Not For Sale Announces New Brand Identity

Tuesday, Not For Sale unveiled a highly anticipated change to the face of the organization by launching a new brand identity. The logo more accurately reflects the innovative methods Not For Sale is using to fight slavery. “Not For Sale is entering into a new era of its existence,” says Allison Trowbridge, Not For Sale’s […]


BATSTONE: “Impact Sourcing: A Critical Path for Social Change” ON SSIR

Not For Sale Co-Founder and President David Batstone has recently been contributing on the Stanford Social Innovation Review. His most recent article, “Impact Sourcing: A Critical Path for Social Change” discusses how responsible tracking of goods and services within an already established supply chain can fortify or reinvigorate deprived social economies. Often what matters most […]


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