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New Laws To Regulate Prostitution in Amsterdam’s red-light district

City officials in Amsterdam have recently announced changes that will be implemented in Amsterdam’s Red Light District that will help those in government gain better insight on women in prostitution. They acknowledged that many of the inconsistencies in Amsterdam’s prostitution laws have left women, especially those from Eastern Europe, vulnerable to human trafficking and exploitation. Their plan is to gain a stronger grip on prostitution in order to identify those who are at-risk for exploitation.

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A Time For Celebration In Romania: Construction Of Farm Completed This Year

We are pleased to report that Not For Sale will complete construction at the farm in Romania this year. Construction began only in the fall of 2011 and after continuous hard work on the ground, survivors of trafficking can now begin a more holistic approach to their rehabilitation. The farm itself has been primarily funded by and shows the commitment and diversity of our partners, who are working with us towards the same goal: stopping modern-day slavery in Romania.


Not For Sale President David Batstone Among Experts To Meet With The UN

This week, over 20 specialists in the anti-human trafficking movement gathered at the United Nations to share trends and good practices to address the global issue of human trafficking. President and Co-Founder of Not For Sale, David Batstone, was present among these specialists as Not For Sale has recently released Apparel Industry Trends, the most comprehensive look at any sector’s corporate responsibility to date.


Not For Sale Releases Report on Modern-Day Slavery in the Apparel Industry

Not For Sale released today a revealing report on slavery in the apparel industry, featuring supply chain ratings for more than 300 brands. Modern-day slavery, which currently affects more than 30 million people, is used throughout the production of many clothing products sold on U.S. shelves. The report, “Apparel Industry Trends: From Farm to Factory,” uses publicly available information and data self-reported by companies to rate how brands are addressing child and forced labor in their supply chains.


From South Africa: First Mxit Survey Results In

Earlier in the year we announced that Not For Sale South Africa had joined forces with Mxit, Africa’s largest social networking service, to fight human trafficking in the region. Not For Sale advertised a survey on the site in order to gain an understanding as to the level of knowledge of human trafficking in South Africa. Users who clicked the link were asked 11 ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions regarding human trafficking, both in general and regionally specific. A toll-free number was also provided at the end of the survey, so users could report instances of modern-day slavery. The results, we found, were positive. A total of 2,851 people took the survey and our analysis is taken from a sample size of 498 individuals.


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