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The State of Human Trafficking in Syria

As Syria continues its descent deeper into civil war, the situation in the Arab nation continues to dominate headlines across the globe. While politicians debate the best course of action and issue warnings of escalated forms of warfare, human trafficking in the region has gone largely unreported.


Allsaints Spitalfields Hosts “Abolition Rocks”: A Polo Match Event for the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Lyndon Lea and AllSaints Spitalfields held the first annual “Abolition Rocks” event on Saturday, August 18th at Zacara Ranch in Santa Barbara, CA. The evening was hosted by Not For Sale Ambassador Oliver Trevena, with a special presentation by David Batstone, president and co-founder of Not For Sale.

Social Enterprise in the Amazon

From Peru: The Potential (and Challenges) of Working in the Amazon

In Peru, Not For Sale works in seven vulnerable communities in the region of Madre De Dios, an area deeply situated within the Peruvian Amazon. The region itself is a hotbed for human trafficking for the purposes of prostitution and forced labor. It is a particular anomaly due to the sundry nature of its trafficking trends, making anti-trafficking work there all the more difficult.


From South Africa: High Percentage of Survivors are from China

Since 2010, Not For Sale South Africa has witnessed a large portion of people from China being assisted through our efforts on the ground. In South Africa, Not For Sale works with national law enforcement and alongside the Counter Trafficking Coalition of Cape Town to identify and assist survivors of trafficking.

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FROM THE NETHERLANDS: After a Successful Pilot Phase, HOME Soup Plans to Expand in August

In September 2011, the idea of HOME enterprises was envisioned; a social enterprise located in the heart of the Amsterdam’s red light district which would provide services to women in prostitution in the form of healthy, nutritious meals delivered straight to the windows where they work, and would give the opportunity for women exiting exploitation to gain skills in cooking and catering.

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From Europe: Olympics Lead to Increased Human Trafficking Raids in London

As the London Olympics now move into the final week, headlines are dominated by medal tables, record-breaking feats, and outstanding athletic achievement. However, the run up to the Summer Games saw headlines of a darker ill.

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FROM SOUTH AFRICA: Utilizing Africa’s Largest Social Network to End Slavery

Not For Sale in South Africa has recently joined forces with the social networking service Mxit to fight human trafficking in the region. Mxit is Africa’s largest social networking service with over 40 million users in South Africa alone. Through the use of a survey concerning human trafficking on Mxit’s platform, Not For Sale will gain a better understanding into an individual’s knowledge of human trafficking in vulnerable communities. In doing this Not For Sale can not only increase understanding of human trafficking in South Africa, but also work to identify trends of trafficking by region and better assist those that may be vulnerable. Since 2010, Not For Sale South Africa has worked alongside law enforcement to aid in the detection and translation processes as well as help survivors find shelter after being rescued. To date, we have worked to identify and assist almost 80 survivors of trafficking in the region.


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