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Kru Nam Collection Ring

Coming Soon: Limited pre-sale of Kru Nam Collection Jewelry

The first shipment of silver rings from the Not For Sale’s Kru Nam Collection are on their way to the Not For Sale Store. This beautiful new line of handmade, original NFS silver jewelry was designed by M, one of the first children rescued by Kru Nam at NFS Thailand.

Vivienne Harr 2

Bay Area 8-Year Old Makes a (Lemonade) Stand to End Slavery

A few days ago, 8-year-old Vivienne Harr from Fairfax, California began her quest to raise $150,000 to help Not For Sale create new futures for survivors of slavery and exploitation. To do that, Vivienne will sit at her lemonade stand every day, rain or shine, and sell her “MAKE-A-STAND! Lemonade: The Sweet Taste of Freedom” until she raises the money. She is also raising funds online.

Toos NFS Amsterdam Frontline Euronewsd

European Commission Releases 40 New Measures for a Strategy Against Human Trafficking

On June 19, 2012 the European Commission, located in Brussels, adopted a new EU strategy towards the Eradication of Trafficking in Human Beings. The strategy outline, available here, describes practical measures to address trafficking in persons. These will be implemented over the next five years throughout the European Union.

Screen Shot 2012-06-26 at 5.04.37 AM

Episode 2 of 4: The Birth of REBBL

We invite you to watch Episode 2 from the Road to REBBL video series. In this episode, you will get an inside look at how the idea for REBBL came about.

REBBL is a tea company started with a vision to end slavery in the Peruvian Amazon. We’ve come a long way, but it’s still just an idea. And we need you to complete the puzzle. Starting on July 10, you will get the opportunity to be an investor in REBBL tea, just like San Francisco Giants’ pitcher Jeremy Affeldt from this week’s episode. We will be raising funds to run a program in Peru that will allow the communities to source the ingredients for REBBL. But without you, it won’t be possible.

Road to REBBL Episode 1 Screenshot

The Problem of Slavery in the Peruvian Amazon

Let me take you into the heart of the Peruvian Amazon. It’s a place where plants, animals and resources grow abundantly, and everything is lush and rich. Men and women (like you and me) have skills and crafts, but are hours away–by boat–from real marketplaces where they can sell them.

Brandon Belt At Bat

Brandon Belt Brings His Bat to the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Last Friday, San Francisco Giants first baseman and Team NFS AllStar Brandon Belt apologized to Not For Sale President, Dave Batstone, at the home plate ceremony during the 3rd Annual Free2Play night at AT&T ballpark. Brandon had pledged at Spring Training to give Not For Sale a donation for every homerun he hit. But up to last Friday, he had not hit one home run during the season. He promised Dave he would start hitting them soon and said, “I want to help you fight slavery!” Not For Sale board member Mike Keriakos told Brandon to lighten up and that he would give $200 to match every homer Belt hit. This week, Brandon hit three home runs in three games!

Home Soup Chef

From Amsterdam: First Women Join HOME Soup Training

The first women have started training at HOME enterprise this month. Each of the four formerly exploited women; hailing from Africa, Eurasia and Eastern Europe, who are taking part in the first round of training through Not For Sale Amsterdam have reported that they are thrilled to be a part of the HOME team.


You’re invited to help us launch a company!

We had been working down the line in the slave trade, rescuing survivors and providing aftercare, but only really helping those who had already been bought and sold. That’s when we realized that we needed to go to the root of the problem. Why were traffickers so successful in the first place? It was beginning to look like poverty and lack of access to market were the real villains here. And this called for a new way of thinking.

Artisan training in eight indigenous communities in Madre de Dios Peru 2

Artisan Training Provides New Opportunities in Peruvian Amazon

One area that is highly at-risk to human trafficking is the Peruvian Amazon. While it is rich in resource and culture, its people are also incredibly vulnerable to exploitation. Latin America has some of the highest rates of forced and bonded labour in the world, an issue Not For Sale aims to address through several avenues.


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