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Freedom gets fashionable as EILEEN FISHER and Bloomingdale’s give women across the nation a chance to celebrate great style and a great cause. The popular fashion brand will mark International Women’s Day by helping Not For Sale fight global slavery and create new futures for survivors of sex trafficking in Amsterdam.

NFS Tour New Partners

From the Tour: Welcome to our New Partners!

Ethan Batstone, Campaign Coordinator for Not For Sale, spent the last three weeks on the road with The Wrecking, finishing the first leg of a 70-city tour to welcome a new generation of abolitionists to the movement to end modern-day slavery. The “I Am Not For Sale Tour” is free to the public and combines live entertainment from the New England rock band, as well as a multimedia presentation from NFS representatives about joining the movement to end modern-day slavery.

Freedom Sunday 2012

Freedom Sunday 2012 | Celebration and Action

Following on the heels of Freedom Sunday, Mark Wexler, Executive Director and Co-founder of Not For Sale, will present at Spring Arbor on February 29, followed by Kevin Austin, Director of the Abolitionist Faith Community, from March 7-9. In 2012, Not For Sale seeks to engage communities around the United States and the world, equipping individuals with innovative and practical solutions, and empowering them to work against the prevalence of modern-day slavery in their own backyards.

Fast for Freedom Place Setting

“Why I’m Fasting For Freedom” – by Katie Bergman

Retreating from the world’s problems is not an option for a person committed to following a God that calls for the “chains of injustice” to be untied (Isaiah 58). Sacrificing comfort, stability, and security in order to actively serve others was Jesus’ mission statement. With the Bible containing almost 2,000 passages pertaining to social justice, there is no rationalization for the Christian church’s apathy.

ENATION Featured Image

Rebel Against Injustice | Enation is Not For Sale

Not For Sale’s Free2Rock T-shirt campaign for February kicked off today with American rock band, ENATION. The Washington-based band has partnered with Not For Sale to design an exclusive limited-edition Free2Rock T-shirt to end slavery, available only until Monday, March 5, for $24.

Freedom Sunday 2012 Map

5,000 Global Churches Declare Freedom for the Captives

On February 26th, freedom will ring from Bangkok to Managua, Austin to Sydney as thousands of churches around the world mobilize their congregations to take action towards “setting the captives free.” Through a day of collective fasting and prayer Freedom Sunday will rally religious devotees to join the global fight to end slavery in our lifetimes. “Worship is the catalyst for action,” claims Rev. Kevin Austin, Director of the Abolitionist Faith Community, “It empowers the worshiper to move out beyond awareness to action.”


Labor Abuses Exposed in Fishing Industry

In this week’s Bloomberg Businessweek, journalist Ben Skinner exposed unjust labor practices within seafood production. Skinner flags a well-known New Zealand-based seafood company, United Fisheries, which was purchasing and processing fish from vessels that paid their crew members an average of one dollar an hour. In some instances, workers were denied payment and were even threatened with fines if they tried to escape the ship.

Freedom Sunday 2012

Freedom Sunday: Prayer-Filled Smart Activism, by Kevin Austin

“Christian life is not a life divided between times for action and times for contemplation. No. Real social action is a way of contemplation, and real contemplation is the core of social action. . . The spiritual life does not remove us from the world but leads us deeper into it.”


From Amsterdam: Collaborating to Create New Futures

The Not For Sale Netherlands team has been working around the clock to launch a catering project in Amsterdam’s red light district. Once women have escaped exploitative situations, they often have no place to go, no marketable skills, and no option but to fall back into prostitution. Not For Sale’s new catering project will employ such women, giving them a viable alternative to prostitution. The project will also empower the women through nutrition, healthcare, and training for job skills. Meanwhile, Not For Sale Netherlands will learn more about the women’s backgrounds, collecting data that will inform the organization’s future projects.


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