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HUGE SUCCESS | Free2Rock Launch Exceeds Expectations

Free2Rock came to a hugely successful end yesterday, after hundreds of abolitionists showed their support for the new anti-slavery campaign. Free2Rock saw Not For Sale partner with popular Christian rockers Tenth Avenue North to create a limited edition T-shirt to help fund the organization’s work to end modern day slavery worldwide.

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From HQ: Fellowship Program Featured on

Not For Sale is featured in a timely article on today, highlighting seven things people can do to make an impact in the fight against modern-day slavery.

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From Headquarters: Abolitionists Break Records at Not For Sale Store Over Holidays

More and more abolitionists are taking action against slavery by shopping at the Not For Sale Store. The organization’s stores in Half Moon Bay and online have enjoyed significant success over the recent holiday season. The store raised a record-breaking $60,000 for survivors of slavery over an eight-week period during the festive season. Not For Sale believes that to re-abolish modern-day slavery, we need to think and act differently, and push boundaries. The store is an important part of Not For Sale’s mission to fight slavery through enterprise.

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From Headquarters: Abolitionists have just a few more hours to vote for their favorite video in the I Am An Abolitionist contest.

Abolitionists have just a few more hours to vote for their favorite video in the I Am An Abolitionist contest.

Today marks the last day for fans to support the campaign, the winner of which will win two complimentary tickets to the 2012 Global Forum on Human Trafficking later this year.

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From Romania: Farming Enterprise Will Assist Young Girls Such as Violeta

Not For Sale Romania is working to scale the scope of its operation and to create more opportunities for survivors of modern slavery in 2012. The organization recently confirmed that the first stage of development of its organic farming enterprise has been completed. Once in operation, the enterprise will provide rehabilitation, job training, marketing and sales skills, and employment to survivors of human trafficking and people vulnerable to human trafficking.

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From Peru: NFS Invests in the Future of 77 Indigenous Communities

In 2012, Not For Sale Peru, in collaboration with 77 indigenous communities, will launch the first phase of a new series of ventures in the Amazon. The Peruvian Amazon is one of the most abundant and resource-rich areas on the planet, yet the people who call this region home are some of the most vulnerable and exploited communities that Not For Sale has encountered. These communities often fall victim to traffickers as they desperately search for opportunities for better futures for themselves and their families.

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From South Africa: Young Survivor Returns Home to China

Following months of intensive support and care, Kim recently felt ready to return to China.
Speaking about her departure, NFS South African Coordinator Christina Bacino said: “This week I was able to bring one of our girls to the airport and see her off. As we came to the security line and I could go no further, I had mixed emotions. I was so happy to see her freedom and independence restored, but also sad to have to let go and say goodbye. As she disappeared beyond security and I turned to walk away, I thought about how lucky I am to be in the business of setting people free. When this job is rewarding, it is extremely rewarding.”

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From Romania: NFS completes first phase of development of farming enterprise

Not For Sale has completed the first phase of its farm expansion in Romania, one of several major social enterprise developments that will be launched in 2012. The organization operates a small farmhouse and shelter in Timisoara, in western Romania.

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EXTENDED: Free2Rock Campaign to be Available Until Next Week

Not For Sale in partnership with Tenth Avenue North has extended this month’s Free2Rock campaign until Monday, 30th January. The debut limited edition T-shirt campaign will continue for an additional five days to compensate for the major server issues caused by the huge level of demand and support for the campaign. More than 10,000 people attempted to purchase the group’s T-shirt at Not For Sale Store’s website in a period of just four hours on the first day of the campaign alone.


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