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SF Academy

When I learned to Be A Smart-Activist

I first became aware of human trafficking and the extent to which slavery still exists during my sophomore year of college. The more I read about it, the more uncomfortable I felt – I knew I couldn’t continue living as I had before. I felt compelled to take an active stance against this injustice, so I decided to start up an anti-human trafficking group at my school. However, as much as I wanted to mobilize students on my campus, I felt woefully unprepared to do so.


Just Released | The Global Forum Agenda

Every individual must play an active role in creating a world completely free of human trafficking. Day one will provide attendees with opportunities to learn and explore different models being deployed to mobilize individuals in the fight against trafficking. Collective and collaborative approaches have a far greater impact than individual efforts.

Facebook Hack NFS

Facebook Invites Not For Sale For a Hack Session

Following a short brief from Mark Wexler, executive director and co-founder, the teams got to work developing strategies that would help Not For Sale amplify its message with Facebook.
The teams came back with seven great ideas: “Each team produced great concepts and we will likely incorporate ideas from each group into future work that we do,” said Nathan Beeghly, head of social media for Not For Sale. A panel including members of Not For Sale and Facebook then reviewed the submissions for comprehensiveness, feasibility, and potential impact and we’re happy to announce the winning team below.

Dave with Japanese Books

A Mid-Year Update from The President

I believe it’s important for you to have a clear picture of how Not For Sale, as a social enterprise, works to create new futures. I have just completed a six-month overview of our accomplishments as an agency over the first half of 2011.


There’s Power in Numbers

Numbers have power; they can be deceiving and depressing, they can also be markers of progress and signals of hope. It is important for any social justice movement to represent the problem through reliable data, it is equally important to highlight success – too often we are bombarded with, as Mark Twain put it, “beguiling” figures.

Thailand Immersion Trip

Win a Trip to Thailand!

Thanks to our friends at Global Exchange, Not For Sale will select one lucky person who registers during the month of August for a free Immersion Trip. Visit Kru Nam in Thailand! Or any Not For Sale project you choose.

The Whistleblower Flyer

The Whistleblower | Now Playing in Select Cities

They were peacekeepers: sent to Bosnia in the aftermath of the Balkans war, tasked with overseeing the local police force and restoring calm. In blue United Nations uniforms, they arrived from countries all over the world, roaming the hills near Sarajevo and Ilidza, trying to maintain order in a nation battered by civil conflict.

NFS Korea visits NFS Thailand 11

A Visit to Thailand

Seven volunteers from Onnuri English Ministry are currently at Kru Nam’s getting their hand dirty- making repairs to the old dorms, painting a mural with the kids, and playing basketball on the new permanent hoops that were just installed!

Backyard Academy

There Are More Abolitionists Today Than Ever Before

It’s been said that there are more people enslaved today than there were during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. The good news is, there are also more abolitionists today than ever before. In an effort to bridge the space between awareness and engagement, the Not For Sale Academy was developed to equip aspiring abolitionists with the tools they need to effect real and lasting social change.


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