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Fast for Freedom Place Setting

Fast for Freedom | Freedom Sunday 2011

Pray for those who are enslaved, and make a pledge TODAY of what you guess you would spend on food during your day of fasting. All funds go to investigate human trafficking and create new futures for survivors of modern-day slavery.


Get Trained to Fight Slavery

San Francisco, March 14-18, 2011

Learn to map, document, and investigate cases of modern-day slavery… in your own backyard and across the globe.

This Spring, join Not For Sale staff in San Francisco for the acclaimed Investigator Academy, and learn from today’s leaders in law enforcement and aftercare on the ways YOU can fight modern slavery.

One trained Investigator moved to Africa and has assisted law enforcement in rescuing 47 girls from human trafficking.

What will you do with your training?

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TIP Press | Sunday, Freedom Sunday

When Harriet Tubman waged her historic fight against slavery in America, she relied on churches along the Underground Railroad to provide safe haven for escapees. Now, faith-based communities are once again acting to end slavery – creating a network of abolitionist churches across the globe.

On March 13th, the first day of the Christian Lenten season, thousands of churches spanning five continents will unite in their dedication to fight the modern trade in human beings. Through worship, fasting and prayer, Freedom Sunday will rally people of faith to join an international movement confronting human trafficking.


David Batstone | Update from CNN Headquarters


Abolitionist Academy: NEXT WEEK

The purpose of the San Francisco Abolitionist Academy is to educate individuals about the global, national, state, and local problem of human trafficking and modern-day slavery. Specifically, experts in the field provide up-to-date, thorough, and relevant information and also suggest practical and effective tools and strategies to combat modern-day slavery and to assist the survivors. As students, homemakers, business men and women, educators, clergy, health-care providers, mental health professionals, law enforcement, and the like, you can use the tools learned at the Academy in your everyday lives to help “set the captives free”.

TIP Press | Ethical Valentine’s Day

The greatest tragedy this Valentine’s Day may not be lacking a significant other. What if those beautiful roses from your loved one were picked by exploited workers in Ecuador? Would that diamond ring appear as brilliant if it were tainted by a bloody conflict in Rwanda? Does chocolate produced using child labor taste as sweet? Americans who collectively spend $14 billion buying flowers, jewelry, and candy on Valentine’s Day, according to a 2009 survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, should ensure that their gifts are not bought at an intolerable cost to those who produce them. Providing consumers with this recourse was precisely what Not For Sale (NFS), a San Francisco based non-profit committed to fighting global slavery, had in mind when creating Free2Work. “As consumers, it is our responsibility to know which companies will not tolerate slave labor in their supply chain,” claims David Batstone, co-founder of NFS.

Montara Circle | 50 Global Leaders

Not For Sale brings together 50 global leaders to design new solutions to address human trafficking in the Amazon. Watch the first night re-cap video.


Montara Circle Introduction

The Montara Circle has just gotten underway. 50 of the most influential leaders in our network are together, working together to create change in the Peruvian Amazon. Watch the video below.

Batstone Featured on!

ROMANIA A GLOBAL CENTER FOR HUMAN TRAFFICKING (CNN) – Romania has become a major transit for the sale of people into the European Union. Victims as young as 12 years old are trafficked into Romania from destinations as far-reaching as Honduras, Afghanistan, the Congo, and China. Once they reach Romania, many of these victims are assigned for passage beyond into Western Europe. While Romanian law officially prohibits all forms of human trafficking, the country’s strategic geographic location — a crossroads between East and West — makes it a source, transit and destination country for the people trade. The country’s 2007 admission into the European Union brought more relaxed border regulations and enhanced its attraction for international human traffickers.


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