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Stop Paying for Slavery | World Tour

The Stop Paying For Slavery Tour has hit over 40 cities since Jan 2010 topping off with Australia and South Africa this summer. The tour reached far and wide from universities, faith communities, business leaders, policy makers, and media channels, engaging all smart activist to join the movement to end slavery.

Check out David Batstone speaking at the TEDx Conference at the University of Sellenbosch in South Africa!

California Supply Chain- Talking Points

Sample Call in script: Hello my name is (your name). I currently reside in (your city). I’d like to speak with someone about Senate Bill 657 which will be up for vote again in the Senate. [You will either be directed to a staff person, or will continue with the person answering the phone.] I […]

California Supply Chain Bills- More Info.

Supply Chain Fact Sheet

Freedom & NEW FUTURES in Peru

Working on the streets of Lima, Peru, we know that it’s not enough to rescue individuals out of exploitation and bondage. We must also equip them to create a new future for themselves — one in which they have employment opportunities and are no longer vulnerable to the threat of traffickers. At Not For Sale Peru, we are building a Vocational Center… and providing the first round of Vocational Training as we build! Our Vocational Center incorporates two key elements: (1) An “on the job” training model that allows vulnerable people to learn a skill while earning a salary, and (2) training that works directly in the prevention or elimination of human trafficking.

Kru Nam of Not For Sale | Thailand is Coming to the US!

Today, Kru Nam’s work has affected hundreds of street children and there are currently over 100 children being supported by her Children’s Home where they receive an education, identification documentation and a chance at a normal life free of exploitation. This October, meet Kru Nam in person and hear her moving stories at the Global Forum on Human Trafficking!

Faith Communities ENDING Slavery

Last February Freedom Sunday was soft launched to thousands of faith communities in more than 30 countries. Faith communities from Vietnam to Pakistan to Houston proclaimed freedom for all people everywhere. Worship was the catalyst for action as these communities moved from their houses of worship to the streets! Hope was unleashed. But it was just a beginning…

Support Your Local Operations!

Did you know that Not For Sale’s State and Regional Directors are all volunteers? They are a cadre of committed “smart activists” appointed to a leadership position with Not For Sale to reach out to you and your local community to raise awareness about the modern-day slavery movement and inspire action. They speak at local universities, host various Not For Sale events such as Free2Walk, attend coalition meetings, meet with people of faith and are key to integrating the movement in their communities. At the forefront of the movement building to end slavery in our lifetime, they represent Not For Sale across the country — and the world.


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