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Cambodia Trip visit to Hagar

These girls are beautiful. Vietnamese. Cambodian. Raven hair, olive eyes. From eight years old to mid-teens. Spunky, graceful, delicate. Each one glowing from the inside out. These girls are full of life, energy, excitement, joy. These girls are survivors of brutal sex crimes. Some were rescued from trafficking, where adults sold their tiny bodies daily […]

The Kids of Myanmar

The 12-year old Burmese girl was glued to the television set. Being from a rural village in Myanmar, she was spellbound by the Thai equivalent of an MTV rave broadcast. I’ve seen that absorbed fascination from a child, a TV-induced trance. In this instance, the young girl finds it a comforting escape until someone taps […]

Safe House for Burmese Trafficking Survivors

It’s hard to use the word “fortunate” in the same sentence as Myanmar at the moment. I don’t know if you saw the picture on the front page of The New York Times this week of a seemingly endless line of Burmese sitting along the side of the road praying, hoping for any morsel of […]

Adventure in Cambodia

The crew of the Westmont Cambodia Immersion Trip has safely arrived in Phnom Penh, the largest city in north-central Cambodia. The past four days in the southern city of Siem Reap were nothing short of remarkable. Our trip has begun with such a solid base of cultural experience and integration. We are being exposed to […]

Rescuing Burmese Children

There I am in a van with two children fast asleep on the seat, the kids sandwiched between myself and the Thai abolitionist Kru Nam. We are driving back from the border town of Mae Sai where a narrow river and a simple bridge are all that segregates Thailand from Myanmar. One boy, one girl, […]

Hill Tribe Villages of Northern Thailand

I guess it was about halfway up the mountain atop my elephant that I realized that I was no longer in Kansas. I am traveling with a group of my University of San Francisco students this week, and our goal today was to reach a tribal Acha village high in the Thai mountains. The roads […]

All Hands On Deck

In a recent article Nicholas Kristof the New York Times raises a point of conversation that we’ve seen in action throughout the Not for Sale network; backyard abolitionists, including students of all backgrounds, collaborating to combat modern-day slavery. This is a perfect example of the the under-pinning ideal of the Not for Sale Campaign: open-source […]

The Countertraffickers

The New Yorker reports on modern-day abolitionist Stella Rotaru’s cell-phone number is scribbled on the wall of a women’s jail in Dubai. That’s what a former inmate told her, and Rotaru does get a lot of calls from Dubai, including some from jail. But she gets calls from many odd places—as well as faxes, e-mails, […]

Update from Not For Sale Georgia

The Peach State is turning Orange! NFS State Directors Mark & Keisha Hoerrner give us their remarkable update on the anti-trafficking movement in Gerogia. It’s been a very busy time here at the NFS Georgia campaign. We started our mapping project with students from Kennesaw State and are working to bring in other student groups […]


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