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Our staff at Not For Sale has entreated on a new, never-before attempted venture: to virtually map all incidents of slavery in the US and abroad. This past month, we have been working with a phenomenal company called Vision Launchers to create an interactive website that will allow anyone to research incidents of trafficking and […]

Teamwork in Northern Thailand

Bob Squeri is a one man foundation. He travels the world helping communities in need. Our Free To Play director, Jeremy Howell, introduced me to Bob, and soon we were brainstorming of ways that he could partner with Not For Sale. I asked if he could help us build a safe house for trafficked kids […]

Red-Eyed Posting

I write this morning from Charlotte Douglas International (CLT) Airport in anticipation of jumping a flight back to San Francisco. After a cumulative 3.5 hours of sleep over the past two days I look forward to the 6 hours of solitude. CLT is just one of many stops this spring while making my way around […]

Ensuring Fields are free of slavery

In all that we do here at Not for Sale our attempt is to go beyond partisan name calling. Raising the level of your voice an octave or three in the name of justice has its place; our overall goal, though, is to create and foster a (business) environment that instills and upholds freedom in […]

We’re all complicit in the slave trade

I am currently on a speaking tour of Australia. The hectic schedule, an average of four speaking engagements a day, has kept me busy. I have, however, been delighted by the response of the many people I’ve meet along the way. More postings about my journey are sure to come. In addition to speaking I […]

China Olympics Give New Opportunity for Second Wave of Corporate Responsibility

International scrutiny of China is at an all-time high as we come closer to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Companies with operations or supply chains in China have a choice: lead by example or risk the media spotlight being turned on you. Having just returned from China, I can assure you there is increased sensitivity on the ground to international scrutiny.


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