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How China has created a new slave empire in Africa

I think I am probably going to die any minute now. An inflamed, deceived mob of about 50 desperate men are crowding round the car, some trying to turn it over, others beating at it with large rocks, all yelling insults and curses. They have just started to smash the windows. Next, they will pull […]

Uganda: Churches, bars cited in human trafficking

CHURCHES, agencies, brothels and bar owners have been implicated in human trafficking in Uganda. Rogers Kasirye, the executive director of the Uganda Youth Development Link (UYDEL),yesterday told MPs that most girls from the age of 14 and above ended up in brothels, bars, hotels or as housemaids. He was testifying before the parliamentary committee on […]

Faith and Action: Rev. Alan Jones Interviews David Batstone

The dean of Grace Cathedral, the Rev. Alan Jones, interviewed David Batstone in a public forum at his church in San Francisco on Sunday, February 11th. In this one-hour audio broadcast, they discussed slavery in the church, how thinly veiled ads promoting sex trafficking can appear in reputable newspapers, and practical steps to becoming a […]

Human Trafficking by US military subcontractor in Baghdad

BAGHDAD – About 1,000 Asian men who were hired by a Kuwaiti subcontractor to the US military have been confined for as long as three months in windowless warehouses near the Baghdad airport without money or a place to work. Najlaa International Catering Services, a subcontractor to KBR, the Texas firm formerly known as Halliburton, […]

UK Unveils Plan for Sex Trade Crackdown

LONDON – The British government announced plans Wednesday to make it illegal to pay for sex with women forced into prostitution and to name men who solicit sex on the streets — measures that prostitutes say will put more women at risk. As part of the Home Office’s “name and shame” campaign, people who pay […]

FBI: Local child-prostitution roundup snares more than 100 in Bay Area

More than 100 people have been arrested throughout the Bay Area as part of a nationwide FBI sting operation targeting child prostitution, an FBI spokesman said Monday. Arrests were made the past several days in Oakland, Concord, San Jose, Campbell, Morgan Hill, San Mateo, Santa Rosa, San Rafael and San Francisco, FBI spokesman Joe Schadler […]

Project Censored: Not For Sale Featured in Top 25 Censored Stories of 2009

Worldwide Slavery Number 15 Top Story in Top 25 Censored Stories for 2009 Sources: Sojourners, March 15, 2007 Title: “From Sex Workers to Restaurant Workers, the Global Slave Trade Is Growing” Author: David Batstone Twenty-seven million slaves exist in the world today, more than at any time in human history. Globalization, poverty, violence, and greed […]

Creative Abolitionist: Jail Me, I Ate Slave-Produced Chocolate

Teun van de Keuken, 35, is seeking a jail sentence to raise consumer awareness and force the cocoa and chocolate industry to take tougher measures to stamp out child labour. “If I am found guilty of this crime, any chocolate consumer can be prosecuted after that. I hope that people would stop buying chocolate and […]

Children For Sale on Craigslist

I’m sure most of us are familiar with Craigslist, an online Web community where people post job opportunities, items for sale, and find activity partners. Over the past years, Craigslist has grown by leaps and bounds and now has Web sites representing over 300 U.S. cities. Many of us have used Craigslist to find a […]


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