Many poor minority groups living on the Thai-Burmese border are considered stateless. Unable to attain jobs many often turn to illicit work; selling and using drugs, begging to feed their children or selling their children into trafficking to make money.

Since 2007 Not For Sale has worked alongside Kru Nam, a leading Thai abolitionist, to offer emergency and long-term support to hundreds of stateless children rescued from exploitation. Not For Sale has built four dormitories, a library, basketball court, medical center, provided nearly $2 million of medical supplies, and established an organic farm. The Children's Home provides therapeutic programs to encourage physical, psychological, social recovery and development. Similarly, due to the fact that a primary cause of these children's vulnerability is their lack of citizenship, Not For Sale assist stateless children to legally obtain formal identification documents. These once marginalized children are now provided access to state-funded social services, and a broader potential for future employment.

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The long-term aim is for the Children's Home to become economically self-sustaining. The organic farm is a reliable source of food and income while providing opportunities to educate the children on the practice of organic agriculture. Solar panels will also be installed on the buildings in 2013 providing up to 25 years of energy at a greatly reduced cost.

Similarly, harnessing the passion and vocation of Kru Nam, the children are trained in jewelry design and the intricacies of the silversmith. The products are then sold through Not For Sale, allowing young jewelry designers to earn a fair income and a means for Not For Sale to reinvest funds into the rehabilitation of children.

All 130 children currently under the care of Not For Sale are enrolled in some form of education. Just recently, three of the first children rescued by Kru Nam have enrolled in University. Inspired by the transformation, Not For Sale has established a scholarship fund to provide all children with the eventual opportunity to pursue technical or university studies. Once heavily discriminated against, these stateless children now have the ability to thrive in Thai society and give back to their community.


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