Men, women, and children, often seeking better economic opportunities are trafficked into South Africa from Eastern Europe, China, Southeast Asia, or other African countries. Not For Sale South Africa assists in the detection and support of these victims.

To its neighboring countries and developing countries across the world, South Africa represents a ray of hope, attracting thousands of migrants every year. Unfortunately many migrants seeking better jobs in Africa are trafficked and exploited. Not For Sale works with the Counter Trafficking Coalition of Cape Town and the National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa to report cases of trafficking and protect victims. Watch the video to see how it works.

How You Can Help in South Africa

On the Ground in South Africa

In order to investigate cases of human trafficking, the victim has to self-identify as a victim and vocalize that they are in need of help. However, she is more often than not in a state of utter trauma and fear – unable to identify whom to trust. In response, Not For Sale established a Victims Assistance Center to provide immediate safe and stable environment to conduct interviews with victims, rather than an intimidating and cold police station. At the Victims Assistance Center victims feel more comfortable, are able to eat, shower, and rest. Currently the house is utilized as both a temporary and more long term space for safety and shelter.

In 2013, in order to truly increase investigations and support for trafficking victims, Not For Sale aims to strengthen the capacity of law enforcement and community based organizations. In doing so, we hope to enable ownership and lasting leadership in Cape Town.

The Red Card

Since 2007, South Africa has been working on a comprehensive Human Trafficking Bill. When it was announced that the 2010 Soccer World Cup would be held in South Africa, a spotlight was put on this issue. Not For Sale South Africa began as a campaign to bring about awareness of human trafficking while the world’s eyes were on South Africa during the 2010 World Cup.
No team wants to receive the ultimate recognition of a sporting transgression – The red card. Not For Sale South Africa has used the same red card to draw attention to the ultimate offense against humanity- human trafficking. Over 25,000 red cards were distributed during the campaign.


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