Romania is a gateway for those crossing from Asia into Europe. Every year thousands of men, women and children are trafficked into and through Romania for purposes of prostitution and forced labor.

In Romania, Not For Sale supports the work of partner, Mariana, to protect, rehabilitate and repatriate survivors of trafficking. The NFS Romania farm offers individuals in recovery opportunities for education, life skill training and new employment, to restore dignity and help re-build the future of those who have been exploited.

How You Can Help in Romania

On the Ground in Romania

In 2007, Romania entered the EU and border crossing was simplified, enabling more opportunities for the illicit transportation of people and goods from Eastern Europe to the West.

Despite the increasing risks of trafficking in Romania, in 2009, the government restructured its lead anti-trafficking agency, leading to a significant negative impact on the progress towards combating human trafficking. Lack of funding has caused many NGOs to close down or divert their focus elsewhere. Many argue Romania is left without a reliable government agency to provide direction, implementation and protection for trafficking victims.


Since 2011, Not For Sale has provided services of shelter, education, healthcare, extensive counseling, and vocational training to survivors who have been trafficked for labor, prostitution, or even illegal adoption. For a survivor to fully regain self-worth, dignity and integration, the rehabilitation process itself needs to embody free will. Every case of human trafficking is different, and every person reacts and recovers at different paces. Although the strategy remains consistent, the respect for independence, flexibility, personalized care, and unconditional support is what makes Not For Sale Romania successful.

Rehabilitation and New Opportunities

Just outside Timișoara, NFS Romania operates an organic farm to accommodate survivors of human trafficking through rehabilitation and grow produce which can be sold to local restaurants and catering companies. This creates an environment where survivors gain skills, earn an income, and provide themselves with an opportunity for a future. In 2012, Not For Sale completed a project to scale the farm, constructing a building that can house up to 50 additional farm workers, a workshop space to make jams, milk, cheese and two greenhouses to produce a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.


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