Latin america has the third highest rate of forced labor in the world, with an estimated 1.8 million people exploited in bonded labor. Not for sale is using enterprise to fight this cycle in peru.

In 2010 Not For Sale started working with an indigenous association, AFIMAD, which represents 77 communities (150,000 people) in the Peruvian Amazon to co-create community based solutions to fight human trafficking in the region. Not For Sale’s approach is holistic: focusing on the intersection of people and planet to utilize natural Amazonian resources to create global products, local jobs, reduce poverty, and increase access to social and economic opportunities.

How You Can Help in Peru

On the Ground in Peru

The riches of the Amazon are truly incredible, however the current supply chains extracting goods are broken, favoring a corrupt and powerful minority. Rarely do small poor farmers harvesting raw materials, reap the benefits of profits in the international market, which only continues the cycle of poverty, environmental degradation, and vulnerability. Not For Sale is working to create a value chain that enhances the lives of the region’s people. To achieve this we must first build capacity and meet basic needs of the people – Not For Sale is facilitating several projects to benefit all members of the community.

Schools in the communities often lack resources for teaching and adequate learning. Not For Sale provides supplies to enhance the level of education. Similarly, because there are no high schools in the communities, many youth leave for the nearest city, Puerto Maldonado, in search for work or in hope to continue their education. However with no housing or money for food they are at high risk to exploitation. Not For Sale has developed a scholarship program to provide housing, schools fees, and supplies for youth seeking to continue their education.

To ensure all members of the communities increase their income by gaining access to local and international markets, Not For Sale is designing community-owned gardens that grow raw materials for local consumption and eventually export. In doing so, we provide education on the importance of nutrition, technical training on small and medium size enterprises, and teach sustainable practices of growing and harvesting raw materials.

Women are particularly vulnerable to exploitation due to cultural expectations around childcare and their inability to earn an independent income. In response, Not For Sale hosts artisan craft training for hundreds of women to learn how to produce quality jewelry pieces using seeds and natural materials.


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