Due to extreme poverty, millions of people from Nepal, Bangladesh, and India are trafficked for forced labor or prostitution. Not For Sale is fighting to break this cycle and bring dignified work to thousands.

In India, Not For Sale supports victims of trafficking and prevents further instances of exploitation by providing specialized job training and sustainable employment opportunities at local, ethical companies. Not For Sale drives business to these companies to increase production and generate funds to be re-invested in more at risk communities. Watch the video to see how it works.

How You Can Help in India

On the Ground in India

In a recent study, Not For Sale found that up to 95% of female victims of human trafficking in rehabilitation programs in New Delhi, India are not provided education, life skills, employment, or job training*. As a result, the vast majority return to their original state of vulnerability, where they remain at high risk of further trafficking or labor exploitation.

In New Delhi, Not For Sale provides dignified employment to victims of human trafficking through a holistic and restorative training program. The Not For Sale Empowerment Program fulfills the invaluable but often overlooked step between recovery and employment, providing viable employment and on-site job training while emotionally supporting victims through the reintegration process. In 2012, the Empowerment Program was launched in partnership with a local manufacturing company who shares our vision to restore independence, bring vital training and access to sustainable work for survivors of human trafficking and other exploited populations in New Delhi, India.

Women from local shelters and vocational programs are recruited for the NFS Training Program and appointed a social worker. As part of their training, they are offered counseling, child care, literacy programs, savings and financial training and further transferable job skills. With quality training, protection from traffickers and support during the transition to new employment, women are more likely to stay in their new jobs.

*Not For Sale Baseline Study conducted September 2012.


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