Through education, sports, and music, Team NFS creates new futures for children who have been rescued from exploitation and slavery.

Professional athletes from around the world are creating a legacy off the field by teaming up in the fight to end slavery.

There is a growing movement of professional athletes from around the world — each of them making a personal pledge to help end slavery and create a world where every child is free to play. From Major League Baseball to International Cricket, athletes are using their platform, time, and support to make history.

Now, they are asking for you to join them in their mission. Team NFS needs fewer fans on the sidelines and more people actively playing a role. Whether a pro or an amateur, as an individual or as a group, everyone can rise against slavery in their own community and say that ‘we are not for sale’.



Do you play sport?


This summer, Not For Sale Australia wants you to join Team NFS! Team up with sporting teams around Australia for the Free2Play Day. Create an individual, team or club based pledge and help us create a world where all children are free to play!

The ‘Free2Play’ day is a simple and fun way for your team to help Not For Sale fight slavery around the world.


Team NFS Australia Players

ed web pic

“We are in an incredibly lucky situation…we love what we do, and for us it’s not a job. Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there that don’t get to choose their future, they don’t get to choose the direction that they want to take in life – and I think its really important that we make sure that particularly the next generation get that choice.”

- Ed Cowan, Australian Cricketer.

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 3.10.57 pm

“Every professional athlete, or really anyone who has been successful in their own way, has something in common…that is the privilege to set a goal and achieve it. People in situations of slavery have no opportunity like this. Slavery steals this.”

- George Bailey, Australian Cricketer.

Clive web pic

“Joining Team Not For Sale is such a simple way for professional sports players to make a huge difference to people effected by slavery and exploitation.”

- Clive Rose, Tasmanian Cricketer.

Ben Dunk

“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to use the sport I love to help people, particularly kids, around the world.”

- Ben Dunk, Tasmanian Cricketer.


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