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Use your purchasing power to directly influence companies' supply chain policies. You can create lasting change by learning about the products you purchase and making developing informed consumption habits. Join in the fight against child labor, forced labor, and worker rights violations by becoming a truly conscious consumer.

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Freedom Sunday is an event that enables churches across the globe to participate in the movement against modern-day slavery. It represents a day when churches unite to share about the issue of human trafficking and be a part of the solution. We provide leaders with resources to inform others and align with efforts around the world. Sign up to host a Freedom Sunday in your community and help us declare that no one should be for sale.

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There’s a lot of manpower that goes into our work everyday. Occasionally, we have specific volunteer opportunities available in the Bay Area. Visit our volunteer page to see if your skills match any of the opportunities posted.

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We look for talented and ambitious leaders to join us for 6 months on fellowship at our headquarters in Half Moon Bay, California. Use your previous experience to help develop programs and implement creative strategies around the world. You will work directly with staff in an entrepreneurial environment where everyday is fast-paced and demanding (not to mention fun and collaborative). Think you have what it takes?

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