The Not For Sale Tour

At Not For Sale, we uphold the ambitious – but accomplishable – goal of working to end modern day slavery in our lifetime. We have recognized that we must go beyond reactionary compassion to promoting comprehensive, solution-based, “upstream” smart activism in order to end modern-day slavery.

To do this, we are going raise up, empower, and equip abolitionists in every community across the country.  Built on the foundation of education, innovation, and collaboration, the Not For Sale Tour is a holistic and engaging response to the crime of human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

The Not For Sale Tour combines an empowering educational experience with first-class, inspiring entertainment, which mobilizes attendees to end the global slave trade through incorporating tangible action steps into daily life.  This unique message of freedom and justice will be brought to you in the form of:

  • Multi-media Not For Sale workshops
  • Music performed by multiple artists
  • Personal stories from abolitionists around the globe
  • Personal stories from those coming out of exploitation and vulnerability

Bring Not For Sale to your community!  Register your university or college campus, high school, corporate gathering, church or faith communities, business school, or athletic event here.

Available Workshops

Each stop of the Not For Sale Tour is shaped around the host venue to engage specific sectors of your community. The length of the workshops can be tailored to your event agenda.

Below is a sample of the possible modules for your event:

  • The Free2Work Workshop addresses our role as consumers in advocating for corporate social responsibility and adjusting our purchasing behaviour to ensure we do not buy products that compromised another person’s freedom.
  • The intersection of faith and social justice is the focal point of the Faith-Based Activism Workshop, where attendees are encouraged to use their faith as a catalyst for action in setting the captives free.
  • The Team Not For Sale Workshop examines interactive approaches to utilizing ones personal passions, creativity, and skills in the abolitionist movement.  Artists, athletes, and musicians alike can join in solidarity to ensure children around the world are Free2Play.
  • The Social Entrepreneurship Workshop focuses on the profound and innovative work Not For Sale is undertaking around the world through the implementation of social enterprise models.  This session will give participants a clearer understanding of why economic justice means social justice.
  • The Road to REBBL Workshop  will be a very explicit example of what it means to create new models of activism and prevention, using the launch of REBBL as an example. In Peru, Not For Sale has moved upstream to address the root causes of slavery in the Peruvian Amazon, and this workshop will walk participants through that process.

Want to bring the Not For Sale Tour to you?

To request a speaker from Not For Sale for your event, please complete this form

If you have additional questions please email us at tour (at) notforsalecampaign dot org. Make sure to include the date and location of your event in your email. 


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