David Batstone

President & Co-Founder

David Batstone is co-founder and president of global anti-slavery organization Not For Sale, and co-founder and managing partner of Just Business, an international investment group that incubates social enterprises. He is currently a business professor at the University of San Francisco, and was previously an investment banker in the technology industry. David has authored five books, is the recipient of two national journalist awards, and was named National Endowment for the Humanities Chair at the University of San Francisco for his work in technology and ethics.

Mark Wexler

Executive Director

Mark found his vocational direction while working on the streets of Durban, South Africa with street children. He returned to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2006 to co-found Not For Sale. Wexler manages Not For Sale's senior staff, operationalizes strategic relationships with partner institutions, and along with Batstone provides overall organizational direction. He also is a co-founder and senior partner in Just Business, which specializes in social enterprise incubation, investment, and consultation.

Elin Eriksson

Research Analyst

Elin builds Not For Sale's ethical supply chains, conducts risk assessments and develops improvement plans for corporate partners. She holds a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, and has experience conducting CSR-related research in various international settings. During her masters, she did a field study in Indonesia researching how local labor actors view and work with corporate codes of conduct. As a post graduate research assistant working in the project Tracing Sustainable Supply Chains, she gained experience from participating in social compliance audits in China. Elin is inspired by Not For Sale’s endeavor to use the economic muscle of corporations to foster social impact and economic development.

Venus Rodriguez

Bay Area Program

Venus has been a nationally recognized youth organizer for over 14 years. She was named a top 25 organizer under 25, working with organizations like PUEBLO, Center for Media Justice, the Center for Young Women’s Development and MISSSEY. She has developed and furthered local youth programs like OWWLS, her most recent project, an outreach program to assist young women working and living on the streets. Her award winning service in African-American communities across the Bay Area has included leadership roles in movements such as the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights where she created the Silence the Violence Campaign to bring awareness to all the killings in Oakland.  Venus’ experience with homelessness as a child has inspired her lifelong campaign to champion the underserved. Her work over the years has included informing national publications, politicians, judges, youth advocates and communities on the rights and issues of young women in the juvenile justice system and underground street economy.

Toos Heemskerk

Country Director, Not For Sale Netherlands

Toos Heemskerk is a professional social worker and instructor focusing on issues of sexuality and interpersonal communications. She currently oversees Not For Sale's work in the Netherlands. Prior to joining Not For Sale she worked for The Scarlet Cord, an organization focusing on multi-faceted care for women in prostitution in Amsterdam. In 2000, Toos laid the foundation for a curriculum to raise prevention awareness among adolescent girls concerning people who would “groom” them into prostitution. In 2001, she and her colleagues started a reintegration program for women wanting to leave prostitution, which now receives funding from the Ministry of Social Welfare. Toos has an advanced degree in social work based on her research of Hungarian woman working in Amsterdam’s red light district. The topic is being considered for a hearing in the European Union. Through her regular outreach in Amsterdam, Toos has witnessed the change from a system of “toleration” of prostitution to a “legalized” system. Many of the women she has met over the last 20 years are victims of human trafficking.

Claire Buswell

Country Coordinator, Not For Sale Netherlands

Claire became a part of Not For Sale through volunteering for Not For Sale Netherlands. She has studied and worked in the field of international development for the Irish Government and NGOs in Africa and Latin America, focusing on education, health, water and sanitation. She is fuelled by a passion to protect and empower women and vulnerable children. She also loves languages and coaching people in a way that allows them to be free to dream and live in their unique way. Claire will be developing and managing Not For Sale’s monitoring and evaluation system in the Netherlands. In her free time you will hear her singing a song while riding her bike along the canals of Amsterdam.

Jael Fraenkel

Head Chef, Not For Sale Netherlands

Jael Fraenkel is the head chef and trainer at Not For Sale Netherlands. She develops recipes for our soup enterprise and trains survivors of human trafficking in art of cooking. Jael has been a professional chef for years in restaurants throughout Amsterdam. Jael puts her heart and soul into her cooking. She holds a Masters degree in Sociology from the University of Amsterdam and a Bachelor's degree photography. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to utilize her passion for cooking and her educational interest in social change while working for Not For Sale.

Jorrit Looijenga

Business Development Coordinator, Not For Sale Netherlands

Jorrit has over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry. As a marketing manager and concept developer he has managed several restaurants and launched hospitality improvement projects at Amsterdam's Schiphol International Airport. He has a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from the University of Hospitality Management at The Hague, and is currently working on completing his MBA. He has a great passion for skiing and in his free time loves to explore his hometown of Amsterdam on his favorite bike.