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USA Today: Tech’s new entrepreneurial approach to philanthropy (Feb. 2013)

CNN: Baseball strikeouts help free child slaves (April 2012)

Forbes: Right People, Right Place, Right Time (July 2012)

The Guardian: How NGOs are using the Trafficking in Persons report (June 2013)

Fast Company: Find The Child Slaves Hiding In The Grocery Store (Nov. 2011)

The Atlantic’s Quartz: Wal-Mart admits it doesn’t know much about its own supply chain—but then, neither do most clothing companies (Dec. 2012)

Huffington Post: A Nonprofit With a Bespoke Brand Engagement Experience: Not For Sale (Sept. 2012)

MLB.COM: Affeldt goes extra mile to help less fortunate (Jan. 2013)

LA Times: Australia seeks to clamp down on forced labor, organ trafficking (May 2012)

Mashable: ‘Not For Sale’ Wants to End Modern Slavery (July 2012)

MSN Money: Is cheap stuff worth child labor? (Feb. 2013)

TechCrunch: Causes and “Not For Sale” Crowdfund REBBL Beverage Startup That Fights Slavery (July 2012)

CNN: Striking out to combat slavery (June 2013)

CNN: Pitching in to help the fight against slavery (April 2011)

Women’s Wear Daily: Manufacturing’s Lament: Factory Abuses Persist (Nov. 2012)

Paste Magazine: Free2Rock Announces Limited Edition T-Shirt Run Featuring Plain White T’s (March 2012)

Refinery 29: New Study Shows Fashion’s Reliance On Slave Labor (Nov. 2012)

Christian Today: You are what you wear! The true story about the clothing industry and Human Trafficking (Nov. 2012)

H&M: H&M rated with B-mark for efforts to improve labour conditions in value chain (Nov. 2012)

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